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Noodles You Should Know: Áp Chảo Chay

Noodles You Should Know: Áp Chảo Chay

No matter how many noodles you know and love, there’s always more to discover. It’s a distinct joy and benefit to eating out; exploring global flavors without hopping on a plan, using your vacation days, or even coordinating a babysitter to watch the kids. A single bite can transform an ordinary day into a memorable one. That’s the story of how I first found out about Áp Chảo Chay.

What Is Áp Chảo Chay?

Áp Chảo It’s a combination of pan-fried and sauteed noodles, which are crisp on the outside and chewy inside. It’s a multidimensional textural experience, and every bite is a bit different. Some pieces have an incredibly crunchy crunch, like a wonton deep-fried. Others have more of a soft texture. al dente give. It’s unlike any other straight-forward stir fry and something everyone should have in their lives.

Tofu and a variety of fresh, crisp vegetables round out this meal.

Where Can You Find Áp Chảo Chay?

It took me a long time to try this Vietnamese speciality in the States, and I was pleasantly surprised by how difficult it is to find. It’s not something you can simply order if it’s not on…

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