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Outback Steakhouse – Bloomin Fried Shrimp

Outback Steakhouse – Bloomin Fried Shrimp

Outback Bloomin Fried Shrimp are crispy fried shrimp coated with bloomin onion seasoning, and drizzled with spicy bloom sauce. Enjoy these tasty fried prawns as an entree or appetizer.

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What makes Outback Steakhouse’s Bloomin Shrimp so delicious?

Bloomin’ Onion is probably the most popular appetizer at Outback Steakhouse. While most people are obsessed with the Bloom Sauce, the legit delicious dipping sauce that comes with it, they tend to forget that the onion’s breading is incredibly tasty.

The Outback Bloomin Fried Shrimp may be more flavorful than an onion-based appetizer, even though it uses slightly different ingredients for its breading. Whether you serve Outback Bloomin Shrimp as an appetizer or a party platter, it’s additively delicious.

Why try this recipe 

When you can’t get to the restaurant to try Outback Bloomin Shrimp, this copycat recipe is easy to make at home. Although the breading may be a little more complicated than what you typically find on fried shrimp, the taste and extra crunch can’t be beaten.

Buttermilk is an excellent addition to the breading.

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