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Peaches and Cream

Peaches and Cream

A refreshing and simple summer dessert, peaches with cream. Fresh homemade whipped topped peaches, lightly sweetened with vanilla bean paste and sugar. This classic summer treat is filled with fluffy cream and sweet peaches!

This quick and easy dessert will be a hit with you! It only takes 5 simple ingredients, and it doesn’t get any easier than that! You will enjoy my easy dessert recipes! In fact, there are many desserts that only require five ingredients! Try this popular pistachio pudding salad, this delightful lemon posset, or the world’s easiest peach dump cake!

Close view of peaches and cream in a glass dish with a gold spoon. A striped towel and peach leaves are next to the dish.

What is Peaches and Cream?

Peaches and cream are a classic dessert that everyone loves. This dessert is a classic. The homemade cream makes it even better. The softly whipped cream complements the sweet, tender peaches perfectly. Sweetened peaches melt into the cream to create a syrup. This is AMAZING!

If you’re a peach lover like me, then this dessert is for you. It is the ultimate summertime treat that we look forward to every summer when it’s peach season. There are so many peach recipes you can try…

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