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Peanut Sauce Recipe

Peanut Sauce Recipe

This peanut sauce recipe is delicious. Combines creamy, nutty Peanut Butter With rich and savory Soy Sauce Fresh lime, A little sweetnessThere is a subtle difference between a subtle and subtle Hint of spice

This recipe is a must-try! Inspired by Southeast Asian flavorsEasy to make Cooking without any cookingYou can use it for everything from salads, to bowls, to skewers, to noodles.


You’ll love our peanut sauce recipe It’s easy and quick to make. There’s no need for cooking itIt’s dairy-free and we use pantry staples which are easily found in Western supermarkets.

The sauce is delicious and creamy. You’ll want it to drizzle on everything!

It can be used as a Peanut sauce on noodles, Drizzle on Buddha Bowls You can also find out more about the following: Tofu grilledOr as a dip for Tofu air-friedSpring rolls and vegetables.

This is our recipe. Thai food is a great inspiration It is different from Indonesian satay.

Thai Peanut Sauce, unlike satay, is not heated. Coconut milk is not available.

You can Whirl the ingredients Together in a bowl or, if you like it extra smooth, A blender can be used.

You can Expect an ultra-creamy, rich, nutty sauce There are hints that freshness, Sweeteners. spiciness.

Peanut noodles with scallions
Peanut noodles with creamy…

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