Home Dinner Perfect Brown Gravy – Made without Meat Drippings

Perfect Brown Gravy – Made without Meat Drippings

Perfect Brown Gravy – Made without Meat Drippings

This homemade brown gravy is delicious on turkey, chicken, beef, potatoes, poutine, and more – best of all, it’s easily made without any meat drippings!

Gravy Without Drippings

Many traditional brown gravys use the drippings of meat as their base. While I’ve made and enjoyed many old-fashioned gravies over the years, for this gravy recipe, I opt to use broth and butter instead of drippings and fat from the meat.

There’s an added benefit to making gravy without any meat drippings in that it allows you to make gravy both on any occasion and ahead of time for big meals like Thanksgiving.

I love being able to tuck the gravy in the fridge a few days early and not give it another thought until it’s time to serve the big meal.

easy brown gravy without any drippings

Do you know poutine? Poutine is made with hot fries, topped with cheese curds (or pommes Frites), and a rich brown sauce.

It’s a favorite dish in Canada (and parts of the Northern U.S.) and one of my new favorite ways to enjoy warm gravy. In Montreal, we tried Poutine for first time and loved it.

Ever since then, I’ve been making poutine at home that’s just as hearty and tasty as the one we had up…

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