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I generally try to avoid playing favorites. Whether we’re talking about animals, flowers, or food, it’s impossible to crown a winner across the board. Different moods, situations and tastes are required. There is no perfect thing. Some may excel at something but fail in another. I say this specifically with restaurants and bars in mind, as I’m frequently asked to weigh in. That’s why I can’t say that Phonobar is my all-time favorite… It’s just that the competition would be tough with that near the top of my list.

Established in the heart of the Civic Center, it’s a true oasis in the city. Rarely can you walk into a sleek, polished bar and feel right at home, as if your glittery high heels had transformed into fuzzy slippers upon entry, though I can’t find any other way to describe the experience. This bar’s vibe could be described in many ways: intimate and comfortable; romantic and seductive; fun and casual. If you want to dance the night away, there’s a sweet lounge area with open space to groove, especially when a DJ or band comes to play. If you want to chill out at happy hour on a warm San Francisco evening, head up to the bar.

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