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Pickled Vegetables and Smoky Tofu sandwich

Pickled Vegetables and Smoky Tofu sandwich

This sandwich of pickled vegetables and smoky smoked tofu is full of protein and has a smoky, briny flavor. The sandwich has layers of crunchy pickled carrot and cucumber ribbons with baked tofu and homemade, plant-based, cashew-based mayonnaise. You can make all of the components ahead of time and assemble the sandwiches when you’re ready for a nutritious and satisfying lunch!

I posted a recipe two days ago for a homemade, smoky, baked tofu.

Tofu is an excellent vegan protein. Tofu is a versatile vegan protein option. You can use it in a lunch bowl or salad. It’s also great for topping soups.Serve it with a side of grain and vegetables or add to a vegan bowl.

I’ve enjoyed the tofu in all of those ways. My favorite way to use it is in sandwiches.

This pickled vegetable sandwich with smoky smoked tofu is a good example.

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