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Planet Hollywood Captain Crunch Chicken

Planet Hollywood Captain Crunch Chicken

Do you want to try the tasty Captain Crunch Chicken at Planet Hollywood? Discover how to easily make this classic dish using this copycat recipe. Juicy, tender chicken tenders encased in a crispy Cap’N Crunch cereal crust are the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors. Crispy chicken fingers can be cooked in an oven, deep fryer or skillet.

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Captain Crunch Fried Chicken

Planet Hollywood may have fewer locations than formerly, but you don’t have to forgo their wonderful Captain Crunch Chicken. Captain Crunch fried hen can be made in your kitchen.

This Captain Crunch is a delicious alternative to boring breading (as some might say). Breadcrumbs. Planet Hollywood Captain Crunch Chicken is sweet, crunchy, and simple. The chicken is juicy and tender, while the Cap’n Crunch breading is crispy and sweet – it really is such a delightful combination!

The Captain Crunch Chicken recipe makes tenders that are crispy and slightly sweet. The breading for the chicken includes Cap’n Crunch cereal. You might not think so oh, that cereal’s…

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