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Plaza III Steak Soup

Plaza III Steak Soup

You’re looking for a rich beef soup. This recipe won’t disappoint. This soup is made richer by layering the flavors of vegetables, beef, and seasonings. Make sure you serve this soup with some garlic toast.

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Steakhouse Steaks soup

Plaza III is a rich, thick and hearty steak soup. Some people consider it more of a stew rather than a broth.

The restaurant in Kansas City was extremely popular. The Plaza 3 restaurant is now closed. This delicious soup can only be enjoyed at home using this copycat recipe.

When you’re in need of a little comfort, a good beef soup is the perfect solution. After an afternoon of shoveling the driveway or whenever you are feeling a tad under the weather, this Kansas City steak soup is going to restore your energy and brighten your day.

Thick and savory enough to satisfy your cravings but light enough to enjoy as a starter, this is one steak soup recipe that you don’t want to pass by.

What makes Plaza III steak soup so good?

This soup is incredibly comforting, and you will feel nourished by the ground steak and an abundance of vegetables. Fresh and frozen vegetables are used.

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