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Pletzel, If You Please

Pletzel, If You Please

Pletzel This is not a drunken mispelling of a pretzel. It’s a Jewish flatbread, which falls somewhere between a chewy focaccia and an oversized bialy. Some call it an “onion board” for the thick layer of silky sautéed onions baked right into the top, but that doesn’t do proper justice to the combination. Poppy seeds, sprinkled like sprinkles, are adhered to the cake with generous amounts of olive oil. It is buttery and grassy at the same time.

Celebrate the 16th Annual World Bread DayI wanted this humble bread to be the focus of attention. It’s an event I would never willingly miss, because bread is not just sustenance; it’s a symbol of culture, tradition, and memories.

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PletzelAlso known as. platzel The following are some examples of how to use pletzl and pronounced “pleht-suhl,” might not be as renowned as challah or bagels, but it’s a true gem in Jewish baking history. This dough, which is a testament of the creativity and resourcefulness displayed by Jewish bakers throughout history, is made only from the basic ingredients: flour, yeast, oil, salt.

The Legacy Of Pletzels

It can be traced to Eastern Europe where Jewish communities, out of necessity, adapted their bread recipe. It was an every day staple as it needed fewer ingredients and took less time than more elaborate recipes.

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