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Puff Pastry Baklava

Puff Pastry Baklava

The puff pastry baklava is a delightful bite-sized treat that offers a modern take on the traditional Greek sweet, baklava. These mini pastries are created by filling flaky, buttery puff pastry cups a sweet honey-nut filling.

My brother-in law introduced me to Baklava as a Christmas present about 20 years ago. We picked up a large tray of baklava, wrapped it carefully and gave it to him as a gift.

The joy he felt when he received his gift was palpable. It was shared with us, and I enjoyed it right away. Since then, I’ve happily enjoyed baklava at every opportunity.

puff pastry in muffin tin filled with nuts and honey

Baklava with Puff Puff

My friend Lynne made this baklava while visiting me once upon a time (and I happily devoured the delicious results) but I’ve never so much as tried my hand at making it at home. You already know that I don’t spend so much time on one recipe. (Not that it never happens, but it’s a rarity for sure.)

The moment I saw Baklava Bites in the Brilliant Bites cookbook, I knew I’d be making them as soon as possible. It’s such a smart idea! The flaky, buttery puff pastry is the perfect shell to hold a filling of honey, roasted nuts and…

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