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Pumpkin Magic Cake Recipe

Pumpkin Magic Cake Recipe

Pumpkin Magic Cake It is a must-have for the holidays. The layers of yellow cake and pumpkin pies magically separate to create a delicious treat.

This recipe combines a delicious Yellow Cake with a delicious Pumpkin Pie. Top it off with some homemade whipped cream and you’ve got a magical dessert.

Slice of pumpkin magic cake on a stack of white plates.

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  • Pumpkin Magic Cake Recipe

Pumpkin Magic Cake – The Best!

What is the perfect accompaniment to pumpkin pie? Cool Whip. Sorry friends, I know it’s a bit controversial and some people are judgmental about it. If you prefer to not eat it, that’s cool.

When I saw this Pumpkin Magic Cake on Shawn’s blog, I knew it had to be made. This cake recipe has been on my radar for a while!

Shawn has a Pudding frosting Cool Whip was all I used to cover her cake. This cake will make an appearance at our Thanksgiving table, because we loved it so!!

And it’s truly a magic cake.

  • Three layers of tasty goodness to enjoy
  • The yellow cake and pumpkin layers magically separate
  • Spices that warm up the holiday season

You will love this magical cake ,…

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