Home News Cucumber slices are quickly pickled.

Cucumber slices are quickly pickled.

Cucumber slices are quickly pickled.

You can add these quick pickled cucumbers to salads, sandwiches, bowls, sushi, and much more. They’re easy to prepare and keep for two full weeks in the fridge.

Yes, I’m all about pickled vegetables this spring!

Pickled vegetables are easy to make. Despite their simplicity, these vegetables add a lot to recipes.

That’s the reason I’ve been putting my recipe sharing focus on them lately, with quick pickled onions, quick pickled carrot ribbons, and today, quick pickled cucumber slices.

Traditional pickles versus Quick Pickled Cucumber Slices

Pickled cucumbers are a common snack. While not everyone enjoys pickled onions or carrots, many of us do.

In fact, when we say or hear the word “pickle,” what we’re often referring to is a spear of pickled cucumber.

Pickles are available in many varieties, including dill, Kosher, sweet, cornichons and bread and Butter pickles.

All of these pickles are good. But the quick pickled cucumber slices that I’m sharing today are a bit different.

Pickles made in the traditional way are canned using a canning solution. This preserves them…

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