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Red Lobster Crispy Sprouts

Red Lobster Crispy Sprouts

Red Lobster’s Crispy Brussels sprouts with Soy-Ginger Glaze and Fried Onions are a delicious dish. The Brussels sprouts have a crispy exterior and a tender interior. This dish is sweetened with the ginger-soy glazing and a crunchy touch from fried onions.

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Best Brussel Sprouts

Many folks claim they can’t stand Brussels sprouts, but that probably stems from some food-related trauma during childhood. Brussels sprouts, when they’re cooked badly, can taste like bitter soggy balls.

On the other hand, they are absolutely delicious when made correctly; and this crispy Brussels sprouts recipe from Red Lobster is sure to convert even the reluctant veggie eater. The sweetness of the soy-ginger dressing balances out the earthiness of the Brussels Sprouts. Meanwhile, the crispy fried onions give the dish a new layer of flavor and texture.

Brussels Sprouts with Soy Ginger Glaze: The Perfect Side Dish

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