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Rhubarb Swirl Ice Cream

Rhubarb Swirl Ice Cream

Vanilla ice-cream perfectly balances the tart sweetness of rhubarb to make this homemade rhubarb dessert. This rhubarb ice cream is made with a simple rhubarb rhubarb sauce that is swirled into every bite. It’s a delicious and refreshing treat combining the sweetness of the rhubarb ice cream, along with its zesty appeal.

What makes homemade icecream so much better than store-bought? Is it the fact we don’t have to leave the house to enjoy it?

Maybe it’s the nostalgia of churning ice cream on Grandma’s side porch that makes me smile, even though I very happily use an electric ice cream compressor to make ice cream now.

Whichever machine you choose to use (or not use) to make ice cream, I hope that you’ll love this rhubarb ice cream every bit as much as our family and friends do!

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 white and red rhubarb swirl ice cream, served in a white bowl with a silver spoon and a checkered blue and white towel

Rhubarb Ice-Cream

You’ll need the following ingredients to make this recipe:

  • milk
  • heavy…

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