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Ricotta Banana Blueberry Pie

Ricotta Banana Blueberry Pie

You can also find out more about this by clicking here. Ricotta Banana Blueberry Pie It’s a delicious dessert that doesn’t require baking. Making it is super easy and it’s bursting with yummy flavors. It is made up of a Buttery biscuit crust Topped with a sweet. Layer of caramelized banana. creamy ricotta filling The a Fresh blueberry sauce on the top.

The golden crust and vibrant fillings make the pie look stunning. When you take a bite, you’ll taste the smooth ricotta cheese that’s a little tangy. The bananas combine perfectly with the ricotta. Blueberries give the dish a fresh, slightly sour taste. The combination of flavors make each bite delicious and exciting.

You will be able to serve this pie to your guests and they will all want more than just one slice.

How to make ricotta blueberry banana pie

You must first prepare the crust. You can either use a food processer to grind the biscuits up or you can fill a Ziplock bag with the biscuits and lock it. Then, using a rolling ball, crush them all.

Prepare the crust

In a large mixing bowl, combine the crushed biscuits with the butter melted, brown sugar, cinnamon and salt. Press the mixture into the bottom and sides of a tart pan measuring 9 inches (23 cm). The crust can be refrigerated while you prepare…

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