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Romesco Sauce

Romesco sauce Is a , nutty, Flavorful. healthy sauce Catalonia is located in Spain. This sauce is great for anything you grill, as a spread or dip, and as a pasta.

The recipe we have is Simple to Make With simple ingredients. The flavors of tomato, almonds and peppers are captured by using olive oil with a hint vinegar. Mediterranean cooking: the essence


Melissa Clark, a cookbook author and prolific food writer. There is no one perfect recipe for RomescoThe ingredients vary slightly from one town to the next in Catalonia.

Romesco is, however, a popular brand. Rich, creamy and wholesome recipe Made with a combination Peppers, tomatoes and nuts

Like in many Mediterranean recipes, a generous drizzle is used to hold the sauce together. Good-quality olive oils The a A splash of vinegar

We’ll show it to you in this blog. How to make romesco in a hurry At home with Simple pantry staples Most supermarkets carry this product.

It is also made with a Food processorAlthough the traditional Romesco sauces made with a Mortar and Pestle

Chapter on Variations. We have a more traditional and authentic version for the adventurous ….

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