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Samoa Truffles

You can make these cookies in no time at all if you like Caramel deLites, Samoa Girl Scout cookies or both. Samoa Truffles You’re going to be in awe of the taste! No need for Girl Scout cookies to make this delicious chewy candy.

Love homemade truffles? You can make our easy chocolate truffles at any time. Or give our delicious coconut truffles a try! They’ll remind you of our favorite coconut macaroons!

Three coconut and chocolate candies stacked on a white plate.

Table of contents

  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Important Ingredients
  • How to make Coconut Caramel Truffles
  • Tips & Tricks
  • More Easy Dessert Recipes
  • Samoa Truffles recipe

Girl Scout Cookies

Raise your hands if you love Girl Scout cookies. Through the years I’ve been slightly obsessed. Each member of my family also has their own favorite flavor. My husband likes Tagalongs and my kids enjoy thin mints.

My box is obviously the Samoas. Caramel deLites are what I believe they’re called now, but this may differ by region.

That’s where these Samoa Truffles came into play.

Sweet, delicious truffles packed with my favorite cookie’s best parts, all in one easy-to-eat truffle. And….these can be stored in the freezer. Perfect, right?

  • This delicious truffle is a marriage of caramel, coconut and chocolate.
  • I used a can dulce de leche for a…

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