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Shrimp Boil

Shrimp Boil

This is a classic shrimp boil with fresh shrimp, potatoes, corn, and sausage, boiled in a flavorful spicy broth, plus an abundance of additional fresh vegetables!

This stovetop shrimp boil is based on my cousin Rick’s crawfish boil recipe which also includes an abundance of vegetables. The vegetables turn out so flavorful, that I’m often left wishing I’d added even more to the pot.

Shrimp Boil On The Stove

As soon as I returned to the US, I wanted to recreate my Louisiana crawfish boiled. It’s not easy to get crawfish in Ohio. If you were curious.

I’m happy to tell you that after learning from Rick, our family’s crawfish expert, my first attempt at a Louisiana shrimp boil on the stove turned out fabulously and we will be doing this on repeat in the future.

It turns out that a seafood boil is a heck of an awesome experience for everyone – expert or amateur!

Overhead shot of shrimp boil in silver tray

Stovetop Shrimp Boiling Equipment

  • Stockpot 30 quart
  • Long stirring paddle
  • Long skimmer ladle

I decided to recreate the seafood boiling on the stove. I wanted to be in a position to cook enough food for my family and a few friends. This equipment is perfect for my needs.

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