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Simple Sauteed Brussels sprouts

Simple Sauteed Brussels sprouts

Once you’ve made this 15-minute recipe for sauteed Brussels sprouts a time or two you’ll know the recipe by heart. Then you’ll make it all the time! It’s easy and fast to cook brussels in a pan. Their golden brown patina is delicious and their texture is perfectly tender. They’re the perfect easy side dish!

sauteed brussels sprouts browned and tossed with herbs and balsamic in a cast iron skillet

Table of Contents

  • This Sauteed Brussels sprouts is a delicious way to enjoy them
  • Key Ingredients of Pan Fried Brussels sprouts
  • How to Make Sautéed Brussels Sprouts
  • Leftovers: Reheating, Making Ahead and Reheating
  • Serving Suggestions
  • Substitutions, Variations and Alternatives
  • How To Cook Brussels sprouts on the Stove

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This Sauteed Brussels sprouts is a delicious way to enjoy them

Steamed Brussels Sprouts is a great alternative to Roasted Brussels Sprouts. It’s so much easier and faster. You may crave the caramelized taste of roasted Brussels sprouts but prefer to cook them on your stovetop. Sauteed Brussel Sprouts will be perfect in those situations.

  • Fans love it because its versatile. It’s the perfect healthy side dish for nearly any meal! Whether it’s for a weeknight dinner side,…

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