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Sleigh the Holidays with Homemade Gifts

Sleigh the Holidays with Homemade Gifts

The winter holidays are the most expensive of all the seasons. This is despite the frustrations that people have with trying to find, buy, and give the perfect gift on a tight budget. Shouldn’t the holiday season simply be about spending time with loved ones, making merry, and eating great food? While I’ve never been one to partake in the shopping frenzy that fuels retail sales.

Despite my dislike for giving gifts, I enjoy doing so.

Yes, it’s possible to hold both of these sentiments true. The joy I get from store-bought gifts that are bought for an obligation exchange is as great as the bill to come. Homemade gifts, thoughtfully crafted with the recipient’s wants and needs in mind, are a gift to the giver as well. Seeing someone’s face light up because of something you made is an indescribable and irreplaceable sort of joy. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive or complicated; the best presents simply start from scratch.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting gifts for the holidays.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spoil the wonderful people in your life with something special. Everyone should be able afford to have that basic human connection, and the joy it brings both to the giver as well as the recipient.

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