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Spinach Pizza

Spinach Pizza

This Spinach Pizza, made from premade dough and Alfredo sauce purchased at the store, is filled with spinach and topped off with Greek seasoning, which gives it a Mediterranean flair. This delicious and easy pizza can be served in just 30 minutes. It’s a great weeknight meal.

side view of spinach pizza cut into triangles on a pizza board

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Table of Contents

  • Spinach Pizza – Why We love this recipe
  • Key Ingredients for Florentine Pizza
  • Homemade Spinach Pizza
  • FAQs and Expert Tips
  • Additional Spinach Recipes To Try

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Spinach Pizza – Why We love this recipe

A classic dinner for the whole family is pizza. And while we love take-out pizza, sometimes you can’t beat the unique flavors of a homemade pizza. This recipe for spinach pizza is it!

Easy Spinach Pizza is a version of Florentine pizza that uses store-bought dough, Alfredo sauce and sauteed spinach.

You can have this convenient meal on the table within 30 minutes. But when you begin to smell it baking in the over ,…

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