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Starbucks Lemonade

Starbucks Lemonade

Starbucks Lemonade is the perfect way to cool down! This vibrant, zesty drink is a perfect blend of sweet and tangy tastes. Enjoy a refreshing drink whenever you want with a homemade lemonade.

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What makes Starbucks Lemonade so good? 

There’s nothing better than a glass ice-cold of lemonade to refresh you on a hot summer afternoon. The classic-style lemonade from Starbucks is just about as old-school as it can get and uses only real lemon juice, cane sugar, and filtered water. Nothing artificial is used here.

It is tart without being too sweet. The perfect drink to sip while you lounge around the pool or take on a park picnic. 

Why you should try this recipe 

Back in the day, powdered mix lemonade was your go-to drink for summer. Lemonade has evolved, but you haven’t.

Starbucks Lemonade is the real thing, and it takes only a few moments to make. The recipe is for one extra-large serving. You can triple the amount to make a large pitcher, and store extra…

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