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Subway Vs. McDonald’s In 2023 | Which Is Better?

Subway Vs. McDonald’s In 2023 | Which Is Better?

McDonald’s and Subway are both one of the biggest fast-food restaurant chains in the world, with 40,275 and 37,000 outlets, respectively. The one chain is known to serve healthy sandwiches while the other offers a wide variety of burgers, fries and fried food. But, which of these restaurants is better in the battle of Subway Vs. McDonald’s? Let’s settle this debate. 

McDonald’s is the clear winner in the Subway Vs McDonald’s battle. Although Subway takes the prize for healthier food options, there are plenty of other sections where McDonald’s is the clear winner. 

Here is a table representing the difference between the two and how McDonald’s is the winner.

Criteria Subway McDonald’s
Menu Better Menu
Cheaper Cheaper Food
Taste Better Food Taste Better Food
Burger Vs. Sandwich Better Sandwiches
Breakfast Menu Breakfast Menu
Desserts Better Desserts
Drinks Better Drinks
Healthy Healthier
Kids Menu Better Kids Menu
Secret Menu Better Secret Menu
Enjoy Better Deals Enjoy Better Deals
Modern Look Modern Look
Success More Successful
Winner McDonald’s

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