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Sushi for Sakura Seasons

Sushi for Sakura Seasons

Texas’ spring brings out the bluebonnet fields, which rippling in wind like waves in an ocean. Japan’s spring is marked by a variety of flowers, with the air transforming into a sea filled with petals. Sakura is in peak season on central Honshu, an island that includes Tokyo & Kyoto. It’s the most popular time to visit either metropolis, heralding in a crush of tourists from around the world.

Why are Sakura, AKA Cherry Blossoms so Important?

Their aesthetic attraction needs no explanation, but there’s a deeper meaning that strikes at the core of Japanese culture. Their fleeting beauty illustrates that nothing in this world is permanent; blink and you’ll miss it. This philosophy is called “mono no aware.” Translated as “an empathy toward things”, or “a sensitivity to ephemera”, it’s also a vivid reminder to live life in the moment, or else it will pass you by.

Don’t let another sakura season pass you by. Host your own hanami in spring, even if no blossoms are nearby. sakura sushi You can put blossoms on your plates.

Ingredients You Need To Know

I’m going to assume everyone understands the basics of sushi by now. are the other usual suspects

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