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Teriyaki chicken quesadilla

Teriyaki chicken quesadilla

Teriyaki chicken quesadilla

Teriyaki chicken stuffed in a cheesy quesadilla…it doesn’t get much better than that! Teriyaki is my favorite flavor, especially when it’s served with chicken. Wrapped in a gooey, melted cheese tortilla and buttery, you’ve got yourself a meal that is out of this world!

I know this is a little weird to admit as it’s really not at all healthy and I wouldn’t ever make it for my kids after school, but I might as well let you in on my life. So here goes, at least 3-4 times a week when I would get home from high school I’d make myself a teriyaki chicken quesadilla Burritos are also called burritos.

I knew that dinner was just a few hours off and the majority of kids were eating a snack, but I had a complete meal. It was really good, though!

For some strange reason I completely forgot about it. In about 10 years I found this wonderful dish again. I had some leftover chicken teriyaki that was left over from when our babysitter gave birth at our house while we were babysitting. You missed it?

It Really Did Happen

We were able to get a friend to babysit us one night when we took my husband to the Utah Jazz basketball match. She was also pregnant. She wasn’t having anything…

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