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The Best Vegan BLT Sandwich

The Best Vegan BLT Sandwich

This vegan BLT is not just any sandwich. It features spicy sriracha sauce, smoky bacon tempeh, and creamy avocados, which take the taste and texture to the next level. This delicious and easy sandwich will be one you’ll want to make again and again.

Two stacked halves of a Vegan BLT Sandwich.

I love when I make a vegan version that blows away the original.

I was raised eating BLT sandwiches and liked them. This vegan BLT sandwich is better than any BLT that I’ve ever eaten.

My vegan BLT is made with crispy toast — preferably sourdough, which is the best sandwich bread in my humble opinion. It also has the essentials, romaine lettuce and tomatoes. This is where the similarities end with a BLT.

My vegan BLT uses smoky bacon instead of regular bacon. I added extra seasonings with my standard tempeh-bacon recipe to boost the flavor.

There are two more things to consider.The avocado slices and spicy sriracha sauce are what set apart a vegan BLT. The ingredients are easy to prepare, and they will add a lot of flavor and texture to the sandwich.

It’s about to become a favorite…

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