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The Bike Crash

The Bike Crash

The Bike Crash

It was like a feeling pulsing through me that I should take Grayson out on a bicycle ride. It was so important that I can’t even describe it. After cleaning the church, we went home and I told Grayson that he should grab his bicycle.

He was thrilled!!!

And I’m telling you, I was full of love and peace and it felt so right that I was actually very ponderous about what in the world I was feeling.

Cade remembered my helmet but forgot my bike. Grayson put his helmet on for me as I thought I should have worn one. (Although from the angle that I saw, I would still have been beaten up. But more on that later.)

I Should have Listened

As we rounded the cul de sac, I thought to myself, “I should spend more time with him.” So I motioned to cross the street and we’d go on the walking trail. I was able to see the slope that led from the street to the trail. I thought it would be fun to ride my bike down the slope. As soon as I saw it, I thought I was being a wimp because it was so small. I continued on. Just as I got to the edge I could see that it wasn’t a slope but a little ledge of asphalt and instead of grass…

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