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Market poised for exponential growth by 2030

Market poised for exponential growth by 2030

The vegan butter market will grow significantly during the forecast period 2023- 2030, driven by According to ResearchAndMarkets, it’s a good alternative for health-conscious consumers.

The following are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a professional. Since butter is used in so many recipes, it was important to find alternatives. Many companies have created products that are able to replicate the taste of dairy butter and its functions. Let’s take a look at the alternatives stealing the spotlight: 

Willicroft Original Better

Image credit: Willicroft

Willicroft, Europe’s first plant-based cheese brand to achieve B-Corp certification, recently launched Willicroft Original Better, a clean-label alternative to butter for cooking and baking applications. The NPD uses fava beans, precise fermentation (not accuracy) and non-GMO bacterium. This process allows it to replicate butyric acid, the key component of butter’s flavor, while unlocking the bean’s nutrition in the butter.

“Given that there are no GMO microorganisms in the product we face no legislative barriers. From Q4 of this year, the Willicroft Original Better will begin showing the world that it’s…

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