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Freebies for Vegan Birthdays: The Ultimate List

Freebies for Vegan Birthdays: The Ultimate List

No matter how old I get, I’ll never stop celebrating by collecting the wealth of birthday freebies available near and far. You could live on these freebies for at least a week. They range from full meals to sweet treats.

My original birthday freebie roundups have been some of my most popular posts, so I know I’m not alone in that revelry! After COVID, so many things changed that it was high time we updated these lists. First, a quick refresher course on maximizing your birthday haul.

Tips For Collecting Birthday Freebies

To play the game, you’ve gotta know the rules. Sadly, rules can change without notice and are different in each establishment. Remember these quick tips to get the best result.

  • Join a loyalty program at least one month prior to your birthday. Some won’t grant you that big b-day bonus if you subscribe right before the event.
  • Download the app. Even if you only have it on your phone long enough to redeem, it’s necessary in some cases (to scan a barcode, special token, or for proof of ID) and simply a whole lot easier in most others.
  • You should read the fine print. Was free last year, might require an additional purchase this year.

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