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My Gyro is Gone

My Gyro is Gone

Both street food and entertainment are equally important. Gyros They are hard to miss. The sight of a spinning spit, glowing from an open flame and glistening like a ballerina in a wind up, is mesmerizing.

The name itself comes from the Greek word meaning “turn” or “circle,” referring to this unique cooking method of continuous motion. The edges crisp and caramelize with every revolution. As orders come in, the pitmaster will shave paper-thin pieces from the kebab to expose the tenderer meat inside.

Make It Meatless

Fear not, my vegan and vegetarian friends: you can still enjoy the same rich, highly-seasoned prime cuts without meat, rotating spits, or dangerous open flames.

Mushrooms are preferred to meat

Traditionally made from lamb, beef, chicken, or even pork, it’s a clear case where the actual protein in question is far less important than the herbs and spices involved. The entree can be made from anything, especially when you add fresh vegetables to the dish and serve it with creamy tzaziki. Enter Sugimoto koshin mushrooms.

Renowned for its intense umami flavor ,…

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