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Tippin’s Cornbread

Tippin’s Cornbread

Tippin’s Cornbread is sweet, soft, and a family favorite. This cornbread has a unique texture that is created by mixing Jiffy yellowcake mix with cornmeal. Cake mix adds sweetness to this cornbread recipe, making it different from the traditional southern version. It’s the best homemade cornbread to enjoy on any day.

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What makes Tippins Cornbread so delicious?

If you grew up dining at Tippin’s restaurant and relishing their cornbread, you probably recall how moist and delectable it was. This recipe uses rich butter and milk to give it a tender texture.

Jiffy cake mixes add a wonderful sweetness and texture to cornbread. It is the key to replicating a cornbread that tastes like it came straight out of Tippin’s kitchen! Enjoy this cornbread with honey butter just as you would at a restaurant!

Why you’ll love this recipe

If you enjoy the sweet flavor of Boston Market’s cornbread, this recipe will remind you of a heartier version that will satisfy your craving for home-baked comfort food. This recipe uses cornbread and cake mix instead of both.

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