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Tzimmes: Rooted in Tradition

Tzimmes: Rooted in Tradition

Hanukkah, if not for its proximity with Christmas, would be overlooked as a minor event, similar to Labor Day in the US. It is more of a family tradition than a major holiday. Adapted and transformed to align with Christian celebrations, it’s no less significant when it comes to family traditions. Hanukkah – the miracle of light and survival in the face darkness – is just as relevant, inspirational, and comforting as any other day.

Hanukkah is it really that important?

That’s why, as a person that considers themselves more culturally Jewish than religious, I do love the rituals; lighting the menorah every night; the smell of frying onions and potatoes wafting through the kitchen; the exchanging of novelty socks. I’m sure my ancestors would be confused by the way I associate Hanukkah. Still, I’d like to think it might still resonate. The enduring story is one of hope and perseverance, which is woven into the fabric, whatever it may look like.

This year, since the Festival of Lights arrives well ahead of Christmas Day, it’s the perfect time to delve into the heart and soul of Hanukkah cuisine, recognizing…

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