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Vegan Custard

Vegan Custard

This vegan custard recipe is rich, creamy and full of sweet vanilla flavor. The custard can be made in a matter of minutes with only a few simple ingredients. You can use it to fill pies and cakes, or eat by the spoonful. It’s gluten-free too!

Two jars of Vegan Custard and spoons on a white wooden surface.

Growing up I didn’t really have one favorite sweet. I didn’t have a single favorite dessert. Class=””> I love desserts that are filled with custard. Boston cream doughnuts and custard-filled cakes, pies and other desserts were my favorites. I loved a good bowl of plain custard.

I thought it was high time I created a recipe for a classic, creamy vegan pudding.

Custards are traditionally thickened and flavored with eggs. It’s no problem! Cornstarch replaced eggs really well in my vegan custard recipe. I then modified it a little to make the creamy and rich dairy-free custard that you see here. To add richness, I also added a small amount of vegan butter.

It was absolutely delicious and as good (or worse!) It was just as good (or better!) than the custard that I loved growing up.


Ingredients you’ll need

  • Non-dairy milk. Use any non-dairy drinkable milk.

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