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Vegan Pesto With Basil and Cashews

Vegan Pesto With Basil and Cashews

This vegan pesto is an alternative to the dairy-based pesto that’s a popular summertime treat. It’s a flavorful, fresh sauce with a herbaceous taste. I prefer a thick and creamy pesto that is bright green in color. To get that texture I use cashews and blanch my leaves of basil to maintain the vibrant green color. This recipe is available with or without blanching.

I’ve always considered September to be the last month of summer.

Warm weather usually lasts through the entire month. Some days in September can rival those of August for heat and humidity. (Last week was a good example).

All of the summer fruits and vegetables that I like best are still available at farmers markets.

There are still many crates full of bright orange peaches and bright orange tomatoes. You can still find blueberries if you look hard enough.

I still think that September is a great month to enjoy plum galette with roasted eggplant and tomato lentils. Vegan BLT sandwiches are also a good option, as well as peach blackberry pancakes.

It’s also a month for pesto. There’s a lot of vegan pesto.

What makes pesto vegan?

What makes a vegan pesto? Pesto looks like a…

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