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Vegan Red Curry with Tofu & Vegetables

Vegan Red Curry with Tofu & Vegetables

This red curry inspired by Thai cuisine is spicy and will leave you speechless! This meal is packed with flavor and easy to prepare. It’s made from pan-fried vegetables and tofu in a spicy sauce of coconut.

White wooden surface set with pot, napkin, lime slices and bowl of Vegan Red Curry.

Thai curries have so many wonderful flavors. I can’t pick my favorite. Each has a unique taste and mood. The yellow curry is warm and cozy, the massaman curry is spicy and warming. Green curry is refreshing, and red curry has a spicy kick. SO SPICY!!!

When I crave some heat, my favorite Thai dish is vegan red curry. The vibrant red color of this sauce makes it easy to see how hot it is.

Be careful when ordering red curry in restaurants. It may not be vegan. Red curry, and all Thai curries in general, are often made with ingredients that are not vegan. These include shrimp paste and seafood sauce.

So, today I share my vegan Thai Red Curry recipe. It is delicious! The recipe tastes just like the one you would get at a restaurant but it is 100% guaranteed free of animal products if you follow this post and the recipe.

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