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Vegan Sashimi with California Avocados

Vegan Sashimi with California Avocados

Here’s how to make Vegan Sashimi with California Avocados–a quick, no-cook appetizer with no fish involved! This recipe was sponsored by California Avocado Commission! My opinions are mine.

Vegan Sashimi With California Avocados

Sashimi (raw fish in thin slices) is a Japanese food. You can eat it on its own with wasabi and soy sauce, or with a sauce or marinade. 

In order to make a vegan sashimi without the fish, we’re substituting raw fish with ripe, Fresh California Avocados. California Avocados have a rich, creamy texture that can be used to replace the richness of many sashimis. This dish is  paired with a zesty soy vinaigrette and peppers for spice, making it the perfect bite. 

Vegan Sashimi Ingredients

Our vegan sashimi’s base ingredient will be Fresh California Avocados that are ripe. In addition, we’ll be making a soy based vinaigrette with:

  • Tamari. You can also substitute liquid aminos for soy or soysauce if it is not gluten free.
  • Toasted Sesame Oil. This gives our vinaigrette a very rich flavor. Use toasted bread!
  • Lime. We’ll use the juice of a whole lime for acidity and zing. You can use fresh yuzu but it…

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