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What Are Truffles & Why Is Truffle So Expensive?

What Are Truffles & Why Is Truffle So Expensive?

Truffles, the diamonds of cooking and one of its most valued ingredients. Truffles are loved by foodies and chefs alike. But many people are unaware of what they are. Why are they so expensive? 

The reason they are so expensive is that they can only thrive in certain soils, and require the right weather and environment to flourish. They are only available for a short time each year. Truffle cultivation requires a great deal of patience, knowledge and effort.

Then there’s the challenge of actually finding the darn things! Dogs or pigs trained to find truffles will need to be brought in. Truffles grow near tree roots underground, so they must be found by trained dogs. Digging them without damaging the truffles is an art.

What is Truffle?

Truffle on the leaves after extracted from the earth

Truffles are edible mushrooms that grow entirely underground. They usually grow near the roots or oaks and hazelnuts. Unlike the button mushrooms you find at the grocery store, you won’t see truffles poking up through the dirt. These little ones like to hide.

Truffles are known for their pungent and unique aroma. The aroma of truffles is unique and pungent. There are many varieties including the black truffle and white truffle. They are known for their flavor…

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