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Whipped Sweet Potatoes

Whipped Sweet Potatoes

These Whipped Sweet potatoes are the best sweet potatoes I’ve ever had. These whipped potatoes are fluffy, creamy, sweet and fragrant with vanilla. They’re so good that you might choose a second serving instead of pie for dessert.

It sounds made up. It sounds fabricated. Who would prefer a ladle of sweet potatoes to a piece of pie? It’s possible with these sweet potatoes whipped. These fluffy, creamy sweet potatoes are much more than your average mashed potatoes.

Sweet Potatoes Whipped

The sweet potatoes in this recipe are roasted to a rich, nutty flavor. The flavor and color are almost indescribable.

Roasting potatoes is so much better than boiling or steaming them. This time in the baking oven brings out an intense flavor that goes perfectly with the fragrant vanilla.

Vanilla Whipped Sweet Potatoes

Vanilla adds a wonderful undertone to the sweet potato dish. A generous amount of butter and cream takes these sweet potatoes up to the level that I can only compare to a warm souffle.


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