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Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour

The classic whiskey sour can be made quickly and easily with the addition of a frothy layer of egg whites on top.

A classic whiskey sour cocktail is hard to beat when it comes to bourbon cocktails that are cozy. ♡

The classic drink dates back to 1870s and is still a popular choice today. The drink balances deep, rich notes from whiskey with tartness and sweetness from freshly squeezed lime juice. And then here in our house, we’re partial to the version (also called a Boston Sour) made by shaking the cocktail with an egg white for a velvety, frothy, creamy layer on top. The cocktail looks elegant with the lemon peel and cocktail cherries and is easy to make in just minutes.

You can adjust the ratio of ingredients to create a cocktail that is sweeter or tarter according to your taste. The egg white is optional but I think it makes the cocktail.

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