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Why Hungryroot Is a Lazy Vegan Shopper's Paradise

Why Hungryroot Is a Lazy Vegan Shopper's Paradise

If you hate grocery shopping, you’re not alone—heading out to the store can be time-consuming and a little dull. But if you’re the type who walks around the aisles daydreaming about better ways to spend your time, there is a solution: Hungryroot. It uses AI technology to find the foods and recipes you like best without having to visit any stores. The platform does all the work. Here’s how it works, plus some of the best vegan products you can find on its virtual shelves.

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What is Hungryroot?

Hungryroot, founded in 2015 is both an online grocery store and a meal planning service. After you sign up, you’ll be asked to take a quiz about your likes and dislikes and your dietary requirements, which will help to inform the type of foods the platform recommends to you. It will then help you fill your shopping cart quickly and efficiently by showing you recipes and products that suit your taste and needs. You can subscribe to the service if you like it. 

The platform features a large selection of sustainably produced, organic products as well as vegan treats, dips, and meats made from plant-based ingredients. It’s basically a paradise for…

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