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Wine Not?

Wine Not?

Is there a problem with the moon’s identity, or is it more fluid? The moon not only has a different name every month, it also goes by several names at the same. Native American and Colonial traditions attribute different characteristics to each full moon. It makes sense. September is the month that gives birth to the Harvest MoonAs abundant harvests are reaped.

That’s not the end of the story, though. The same moon is also known as the Song Moon (Hungry Ghost Moon), Barley Moon (Barley Moon), Wine Moon and many other names. The autumnal equinox has many unique aspects, and the Pagan tradition Mabon (AKA Witches Thanksgiving) is no exception.

Given the conventional approach to focus on the overall harvest, profuse with squashes, apples, and root vegetables galore, I’d like to shine a light on one of the less common September moons. Let’s raise a glass to the Wine MoonCeltic farming goes beyond biodynamic farming.

The grapes that are picked from the vines are crushed and then…

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